Starting from scratch might be the toughest way to do anything in life. But when one has a genuine passion for something, that enthusiasm can be the roots from which excellence grows.

KIND’s story begins in New England, where David and Wendy Yorgensen’s love for wine developed into a deep desire to craft wine that reflected their appreciation for quality vintages. In fact, the fervor they felt was so great that David—at the time a custom home builder—began reading and researching everything he could find on the subject: growing grapes, winemaking, the business of wine and more. When he read about wine, it felt right. It felt like a calling.

In 2004, David and Wendy moved across the country from Vermont to the Napa Valley, California. David was blessed with an internship that further kindled and enriched his investment in the craft, spurring his desire to learn more, to deepen his knowledge and to refine his skills. As a winemaker, David built upon this opportunity, honing his skills through determination and perseverance; through his hard work and his development of relationships with farmers, growers and other winemaking friends, KIND has been built on a sense of partnership and the belief that when one cares a great deal, when knowledge is married with a zeal for grape and palate, exceptional wine is the result.

While understanding and respecting the process of crafting wine is never overlooked at KIND, overprocessing, meddling with the wine’s inherent nature and voice, is carefully avoided as well. Thus, each KIND vintage tells its own story in the subtlety of its aroma, texture and finish. As co-proprietor and winemaker at KIND, David believes when one lets wine be itself, lets its character develop from within, rather than with an overabundance of external tampering, great wine happens.